Nicholas James Trimble

Nicholas James Trimble is a person that is not capable of not conning people out of their money. There are plenty of pictures for you to observe from to know 100% that this Nicholas Trimble is the one you need to avoid at all “costs”!
I say “costs”, because if you get involved with Nick, you will get scammed. This man is a professional pathological liar that loves to do one thing more than any other in his life, and that is to scam people out of money, and no one is off limits. In fact, the more vulnerable and naive you are, the better.However, he will scam everyone, from those that seem more sophisticated, to those that have worked their entire lives for their savings. No one is off limits. Yes, even if you are a senior citizen with extremely limited resources but strong equity in your home, he will come for you, and he has, and you will lose your home! Again, no one is off limits! This is one of many true stories that you won’t find online about Nicholas Trimble, the con man.
As you can imagine with any con man (confidence man), he is extremely skilled at gaining your trust and whatever amazing ‘deal’ he makes with you, and it may even be an actual ‘real deal’, there is one thing you can count on, the second he gets your money, whatever he said he was going to do with it, isn’t going to happen. He will take it and use it to buy nice things for himself, go to nice places, gamble it away, or pay off other threatening people that he previously scammed.

Nicholas James Trimble

Don’t believe a single thing he tells you about his background, about the nice things he claims he does for people whenever he can, claiming to be a wonderful Father to his 2 daughters, of course claiming he has made a ton of money for people, claiming he is a religious person, claiming he loves to listen to podcasts of strong high integrity men that motivate him, claiming he has gotten scammed many times by people he trusted, and on and on and on and on… He will shed tears and claim victim in stories or any number of things. Just know he is always lying about something. He has his conning down to a science and he lives and breathes screwing people.

Don't take my word for it... Google him... Here are some examples of what you will find:

Sociopath - a mental health condition in which a person consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others.

Signs of a person with AntiSocial Personality Disorder (APSD)

Manipulation Language after Nick takes steals your money from you but he wants to keep you close so he may be able to talk you into giving him more money if he can…
“It wasn’t my fault.” Instead of accepting blame for what he did which was take your money and used if for nefarious purposes, he will make up excuses as to what happened that was beyond his control – which are obviously all lies
“That’s not true.” When you know he is lying and call him out, he confidently takes his lying position and emphatically defends it against your ‘personal attacks’ of him.
“You’re such a good person.” Flattery is carefully used based on any information he was able to garner about you in past conversations to use against you when trying to get your support, and later, your money.
“At least you don’t have it as bad as me.” He draws on vague stories of how he has been taken advantage of ‘so many times’ by people he trusted that hurt him. He will also tell you he is ‘so generous’ and ‘loyal’ to people, and is amazed at how people don’t appreciate him if he needs something from them at some point. These are all deflective and relational stories he uses to sound like a good and caring human being suffering from dishonesty in the world. This is all part of the CON he is setting you up for.
“You’re so sensitive.” He uses language like this if you are calling him out when you realize he has scammed you, but he is still trying to keep with his lies. He will try to make you sound like you are the irrational one.
It was not my intention. Nick uses this phrase often when, after he finally admits to doing what he did because you have shown you have overwhelming evidence. Until you get him to this point where he has to admit it, he will never admit what he did, ever!
“You’re imagining things.” Nick is all about gas lighting and this will be evident as soon as you ask for evidence that he actually did what he said he was going to do with your funds you gave him based on whatever terms of your deal. As soon as you ask him for evidence your funds went to the purpose that he convinced you they were going, the lies start coming fast and furious, which can include faked evidence.
Lastly, and just for a point of emphasis as to repeat this point, Nick’s scams are very often based on something real as far as an opportunity that you may be able to vet that is there… That doesn’t matter!


Nicholas James Trimble is a person that is not capable of not conning people out of their money. He has a life where his immediate family is actually very well to do financially, and he could have easily joined that ‘family business’ and been a part of it with an amazing life.
He has met and befriended some amazing people that he could have done amazing and totally legitimate business with using his incredible skills for good, and he has had those opportunities many times, but he is not capable of doing legitimate business. It must be too boring for him. He seeks out opportunities to manipulate good unsuspecting people and take their money from them by any means necessary. This is who he is.
We’ve all watched TV shows like Dateline, or maybe documentaries about people like Nicholas Trimble where we observe charismatic, community involved, apparent family-oriented people living a different life of being con men (or women) and we all ask ourselves, “Why do they choose to do that? They had it all! How can they choose to ruin people like that? What are they thinking?” There is not a logical answer to the question. Evil people exist, and they get a thrill off of doing evil things… PERIOD.
This is Nicholas Trimble. I have a good feeling someone will do a story on him someday and he will be featured on television. In the meantime, BEWARE of this man!

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